Headaches – Holidays and Tension Headaches Go Together

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As I write this article, Christmas shopping season and holiday parties are in full swing, and the Hanukkah celebration has begun. Malls are full of harried shoppers and children lining up to tell Santa what they want this year, Christmas decorations are going up, and in the midst of all the excitement most people are experiencing at least an occasional tension headache. It’s the result of striving for something that doesn’t even exist outside of the movies – a perfect holiday.

I don’t mean to make light of tension headaches. We all have them and I know first-hand how painful they can be. My father always insisted he never had a headache, but his philosophy was that anything he ignored didn’t exist. Come to think of it, he may have been onto something, because the best way to deal with that chaotic period of time from late November to early January is to admit that there is no such thing as a perfect holiday, or for that matter a perfect family, so you might as well just cool it.

Physically a tension headache is a vascular problem. It begins with muscle strain around the head and neck which causes changes in the size of blood vessels in the head similar to those I’ve recently written about in migraines and cluster headaches. In fact, some physicians suspect that tension headaches are a mild form of migraine. They may feature throbbing pain that feels like a tight band around the head.

Triggers for tension headaches include many of the same things that trigger migraines. These include hormone changes, stress, depression, anxiety, change in sleep pattern, eye strain, or the environment (a smoky room, noise, etc.). They can also be caused by overindulgence in alcohol, drugs of all types, low blood sugar, overwork (especially if you remain in one position for a long time such as at a computer), or, as I can attest, by clenching your jaw or gritting your teeth or both.

Therefore, prevention and treatment methods include stress reduction, exercise, regular sleep, eating properly and not overdoing, all those things you’re missing if you’re stressed out about the holidays. Although these headaches seem unavoidable for most of us, I do have one suggestion. Make some time for yourself daily, no matter how hard it is to fit in. Just a soak in the tub, lying quietly with a wet cloth over your eyes for a bit, meditation, yoga, or a walk in a park can do wonders for your outlook.

Is Social Networking Marketing An Important Component Of Businesses Online?

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To be factual, it is true that nothing can diminish the worth of social networking today CONCERNING marketing and advertising businesses online. But most business owners are unaware associated with positive aspects of connecting with users online and how active social media can help them. With time, online presence has improved and to stay in business, it is important to stay active on social networking to ensure your company online. Some of the advantages of social media advertising campaigns include:


It provides higher visibility by appearing online on host of websites and shared by large number of users online. With constant communication among customers and business owners, there is strengthening of relationship and direct feedback. With quick resolutions of complaints and serving their needs enhances business and builds brand. It allows the customers to know about discounts and deals by the company immediately and some other event being organized by the business. With users spreading your message on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, your company brand is spread and reaches new market sections. Thus it is important to have a online media business profile that is maintained actively, while enabling other businesses and customers to reach out.


Beginning with social networking and increasing social media presence


If you are new to social networking and online networking, it is advisable to learn more about it or hire an on-line media expert. Most website design social networking companies make use of business owners to create an online site and embed the popular social media icons for faster sharing. You’ll need to begin with an idea about the services, products and brand you’ll like to promote. And if you are unsure, seek the advice of online media experts since it is important that your brand is promoted beneficially or it can have a devastating effect on your business.


Most businesses employ social media experts to take over this aspect of the business as they prefer focusing on core functions regarding the business. Additionally, the experts will do everything in a structured manner allowing proper branding of your business. But it is important that media campaign reaches its goal because only then social networking will work with your business.


Some business stress on developing social networking websites catering to a particular niche, while earning revenue from advertisements only so whether it is sports, music, real estate or art and design, connecting people is faster through social media channels. If you’re looking to get a total social network developed then a typical web designer may not be of assistance however you need a professional service which has past experience in working together with PHP platform among a host of other software to develop a network from scratch. Sit down and discuss your requirements and give your feedback to ensure that you requirement is fulfilled. Search for samples and qualifications if your wanting to sign the agreement. Talk about the budget along with other requirements if your wanting to get a network developed or integrate social network channels for your business.



The Online Traffic Battle: SEO Vs Social Networking

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The advent for the internet has changed the methods and marketing techniques of several companies. Online presence is regarded as one of the most important assets for a company, be it a little business or a big corporation like Microsoft. The search to get increased online traffic for your website has led to a showdown between two of the most extremely widely used tools for internet marketing today: The Social Networking and Search Engine Optimization.


So, without wasting any more time, let us check out the pros and cons of using these services to get more online traffic and which of these services is a better alternative for us:


Search engine marketing: If you consider the usage of SEO services to have more online traffic, then the practice is seen as a better substitute for social media, as people look for businesses more regarding the the search engines much less in the social sites. Reports from various surveying sites have revealed that as much as 60% of the people use the search engines while searching for a particular business and if you have got a great page rank into the popular the search engines, then your chances of being discovered are high. Moreover, the individuals who are looking for the services you offer are actually interested in those services and this makes the traffic generated by the search engines, more targeted.


Another major advantage of utilizing SEO would be the fact that you can analyze, what the people are looking for by analyzing the keywords and also by doing a proper keywords research, you can promote your website in a better way while making sure that high quality traffic reaches your internet site. You can even buy your way on the first page of this search results by making use of Google Ad-words along with other such ad services. Getting your ads on the fist page associated with the search results relating to your services or product will allow you to in gaining a lot of new customers and greater online traffic.


Social media: The market trends have seen that a major percentage associated with consumers in the age bracket of 18 to 26 used peer recommendations from the various social sites, before buying a new product. For those who have a great presence into the social networking and tend to be able to engage more and more people, then by all of the likes, shares, re-tweets and favorites generated by you, you get more and more traffic to your website as well as the people visiting your site on their friend’s or relative’s recommendation already have an amount of faith in your website and are usually more likely to become your new customers.


You can boost your posts simply by using the social networking marketing campaigns and get high quality online traffic for your website through social networking. Facebook, Twitter and other such sites allow you to definitely put forward your offers and links right in front of the targeted audience for a small price and it is among the most important feature of using social networking for your promotional campaign.


Thus, it’s the best practice to use both, SEO and social media, to be able to promote your online business while the combined effect of both the methods is far much better than the individual effect of any one method.


Mind Digital Group is a digital marketing company working with international companies to boost their online presence so that they can be heard around the world. We are constantly aspiring to be more in-depth about the digital marketing field and become able to share valuable ideas about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.


A Roof Over Your Head in Telford

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First I must apologize for the lateness of this article. I have a good excuse in that in the last month my wife and I have sold our house and are currently homeless whilst we settle things and downsize which will allow us to spend more time abroad for my wife’s health. For all my efforts connecting to the internet to do any meaningful work proved impossible until now so once again accept my apologies.

As a result of our experiences over the last few months I have decided to feature some of the estate agents in the Telford area and this will allow you all to see the variety of houses available for sale in the area.



This is probably the foremost estate agent in the Telford area although as they sold our house I may be biased. The site gives comprehensive coverage of property in a number of areas and is well designed and laid out.

Your Move


The newcomer on the block this estate agent site has a wide range of property and you can register interest in any properties. This site covers a wide area and is also well designed.

D B Roberts


An old established company with a number of offices around Shropshire. This site gives comprehensive details of houses for sale and also allows you to register with them and to be notified of any houses you are interested in.

Telford Shopping


A new site showcasing the ever expanding Telford Town Centre. In the last year a new extension has been completed which includes Beattie’s a major store new to the area. This site gives you all the information about the Centre including links to some of the individual shops.

At this time of the year it is inevitable to review the year as it passes. As I looked over my articles I was struck by how often I referred you to the BBC site. Over the last year the site has developed into the premier Shropshire site covering everything from “whats on” through to local history. When you add in the ability to listen to radio programmes and the sports coverage the BBC Shropshire site is my site of 2003.

Well that is it for another month. I hope that by the time you read next months article my wife and I have settled in a new house here in Telford and have fixed up something abroad. I will continue to provide you with details of the best sites about Shropshire and what is happening in the county.

Happy New Year to all.