Can Smartphones And Tablets Replace Laptops?

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We live in a time where smartphones and tablets are extremely powerful. Most are more powerful than computers that were available 10 – 15 years back. Most smartphones and tablets are able to do many complex tasks and most of us use our smartphone more than computers.There was a time we needed a computer to browse the internet, send emails, play games and type out word documents. Now smartphones and tablet are able to just do that. It seems that these mobile devices are able to do all the tasks of a computer. To an extent the above statement may be true but unlike smartphones and laptops most applications on laptops are bigger and complex versions.
For example if you need to type out something or make a presentation it would be much easier and productive on a laptop. Smartphones and tablets do not have that ease and if you do those tasks on these devices you may need additional peripherals.The Other advantage laptops have over smartphones and tablets are that they are less likely to be dropped. This may seem minor but if someone uses a device for longs hours it is likely they may drop it. It easier to drop smartphones and tablets and apple iPhone screen repair will costs you and deprive you of the use of your phone for a day or two.
The counter argument for that is the smartphone and tablets are more portable device. This is true that they are portable devices. It is rarely that a person drops their laptop but more likely they drop their phone and tablet. It is very useful device to have in case of an emergency to use instead of a laptop. An iphone repairs north sydney is not better than simply using your laptop.The size of a laptop is also an important factor. Laptops are easily able to multi task. Smartphones and tablets do not have this luxury and their screens are much smaller.
There may be some tablets that may be able to multitask as a laptop but in that case usually people prefer a laptop than a tablet. If you take a laptop and tablet of the same size, the laptop will have ports, faster processor, more ram, inbuilt touchpad and keyboard.Overall I don’t think smartphones and laptops can replace laptops just yet. Another indicator is the fall in tablet sales in the past few years. This is due to laptops becoming thinner and the creation of the new breed of 2 in 1 laptops that act as a tablet when needed to. 2 in 1 laptops are a major threat to these tablets and will continue being so.